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For large organisations it is often difficult to ensure that your brand identity is always applied in the way that you want it be.  Inconsistencies with the use of logo, font, colour and layout may have an impact on the perception of your brand.

To ensure you have a consistent brand image it is important to have some guidelines in place. A Brand Guidelines Document is literally an instruction manual to ensure the correct application of your company’s logo and marketing material. It can specify everything from the correct colour pallet for printing, to the minimum size your logo must appear in print, or resolution online. It also indicates the fonts that you use on different literature and the acceptable conditions for variations of your logo (if any). In this document it is also important to clearly specify how your brand is NOT to be used.

Having this document resource available to everybody within the company means that all marketing tasks can be carried out consistently as long as they follow these specific guidelines, helping them to maintain your brand identity. It also means that you can ask any design company or marketing supplier to carry out work for you and be sure that the end result will sit perfectly in line with your brand image.

If you like to produce a brand guidelines document for your company please contact Genus Design today.

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